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Ethennonnhawahstihnen' Park

Surface: rubber

I was very excited to visit this one.

The photos I’d seen were very promising, showing a pristine, new playground with impressive equipment in a nicely landscaped setting. It’s also (as far as I know) the first Toronto park to have an indigenous name, and what a name: it translates to “where they lived good, beautiful lives.” Amazing!

So why was I disappointed?

Perhaps I picked the wrong season to visit. It was late March, too late for winter frolicking but too early for spring warmth. The skating rink (which is a serene-looking pool in the summer) was half-frozen slush when we visited, and although it wasn’t cold, a gusty wind blew between the condo towers that flank the park.

Perhaps the equipment is a let-down. There are some cool pieces by Landscape Structures (including the largest version of their “Mobius Climber”) and some mediocre, run-of-the-mill stuff by Kompan. But the play area definitely has room for more than they installed. I mean, all that space and not one slide? C’mon.

Perhaps the park hasn’t grown into itself yet. We were surrounded by construction (cool for the kids, but noisy) which didn’t make for a serene setting. When the construction is finally finished, there will still be the roar of the 401 in the background, and it’s hard to imagine this ever being a cozy place.

Still, for parents who have spent a hectic morning getting lost in IKEA, this might be a good place to let the kids run around for a bit.

Come to think of it, this park is a lot like a piece of IKEA furniture. Cool name? Check. Looks good in pictures? Check. Mildly disappointing but still acceptable once you actually experience it? Check.

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L Bonham
L Bonham
28 mar 2022

Some faster growing trees to fill in while the long lived shade trees establish would likely be a benefit. Tough time of year for park greenery (late March/limited conifers to avoid blocking safety sightlines). Will make a point of checking thia park out based on your review. Thanks, DD!

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