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Withrow Public School

Updated: May 17, 2021

Surfaces: woodchips

Equipment by Henderson.

Overshadowed by Riverdale Park to the west and Withrow Park to the east, the playground at Withrow Avenue Public school is a solid alternative to those two more popular spots, and in terms of equipment, might actually be the best of the three.

As with all school playgrounds, amenities are limited (no swings, no water play) but if you’re a fan of classic wooden Henderson climbers, this place is for you. Both the primary and junior playgrounds are equipped with those Henderson gems, and they’re in pretty reasonable shape, too.

The primary play area has a couple of cute little wooden houses, a bridge that’s great for toddlers learning to climb stairs, and another climber that provides a good challenge for under-5s. Plenty of shade here too, as it’s pressed right up against the monolithic wall of the school.

The junior playground features a large, vaguely boat-shaped climber with the name “Friendship Withrow” endearingly emblazoned on one side. Just south of the boat is a recently-installed climbing-only (ie. no slides) structure, also by Henderson. Put these three together and you’ve got a great place for your monkeys to climb around on a Saturday afternoon.

If there’s a downside to the layout, it’s that the three spots are fairly spread out, so if your kids are the type that require close supervision, it can be a challenge.

But if you’re the type who’s happy to just let them go, there’s good room to run around: the school grounds slope eastward, towards a nice, shaded area that invites picnics, scooter-riding, and emergency toddler urinations.

It’s a really nice spot, and again, usually less crowded than other nearby options. Grab a coffee at Rooster on Broadview and let your kids run free.

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