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Wells Hill Park

Surface: wood chips.

We came here following a visit to the wonderful wooden castle at Hillcrest Community School down the street. It was a good move, since Hillcrest (like most schools) doesn’t have any swings or water play or sandboxes.

While not a spectacular playground by any means, Wells Hill benefits from a great location.

It sits in a nice patch of old trees, and is surprisingly quiet considering that it’s within sight of busy St. Clair West. The subway station is right there, and street parking in the quiet residential neighbourhood to the south is not hard to find.

If you forgot to bring a snack, Loblaws is across the street. If you need ice cream and/or a sugar overdose, Dutch Dreams is close by. If things get too busy or your little ones feel like an adventure in the forest, the Nordheimer ravine is right there, with its secret subway emergency exit just waiting for you to discover. Casa Loma isn’t far away either.

My kids had a great time trying to launch each other off the see-saw here, and my son spent a solid 15 minutes attempting to climb the impressively steep slide. My daughter, meanwhile, was drawn to the pod-like structures on the climber, which became the setting for her favourite game, “pet store,” in which she pretends to be an animal, and I have to play the role of customer who is looking for an animal with precisely the characteristics of whatever animal she’s decided to be. (Parenting requires much more acting than I once thought.)

This is a cute little park that probably looks good in any season. It’s not going to occupy you for too long, but with enough other things to do in the area, it’s a good part of a bigger plan.

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