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Wellesley Park

Updated: May 14, 2021

Surfaces: sand, rubber.

Cabbagetown has always been one of my favourite neighbourhoods to walk through and pretend I live in.

The houses range from grand to quaint to cute, and the whole area is so quiet – like, library-level quiet, which is amazing considering its proximity to the Don Valley Parkway on one side and downtown on the other.

Most Toronto parents know about Cabbagetown’s main family attraction, Riverdale Farm, but many don’t know about the small playground and quiet park found just to the north of the farm, where Wellesley ends and the landscape tumbles into the valley. It’s a nice way to cap off an afternoon at the farm, with a little more room to run around and a lot less manure.

A small climber and sandbox with decent shade are fenced on the north end of the park, and the splash pad leads to the open, grassy area of the park, with plenty of room for picnics. The equipment isn’t about to blow any kid’s mind, but the setting is lovely, and neighbourhood families clearly love having this little patch of green so close by.

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