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Tiverton Avenue Parkette

Updated: May 14, 2021

Surfaces: rubber, wood chips, sand.

For kids living on Tiverton Avenue when the playground rejuvenation happened, it must have felt like Christmas. Take a look at some photos of what this playground used to look like and you’ll get a sense of just how drastically this tiny playground levelled up.

This is a wonderful example of how to make the best use of the space you have. Tiverton packs almost everything you could want into a space barely bigger than the semi-detached lots surrounding it. A sandbox. A picnic table. A great little climber. A four-person teeter-totter. A spinny carousel thingy. I’m pretty sure they would have added a splash pad if space constraints hadn’t meant that neighbouring houses would have been soaked.

Beautifully shaded, and quiet (except for when the GO and Via trains rumble by, which most kids think is fun anyway) this was perhaps our favourite playground in the summer of 2018.

After sending some of his cars down the slide and giggling like a hyena, my 3-year-old paused for a moment, looked at me, and remarked: “It’s peaceful here.” I had to agree.

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