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Three Valleys Park and PS

Surface: sand.

Adjacent to Three Valleys Public School, this park is a beautiful spot with middling equipment and good opportunity for some forest exploring.

The three valleys in question are Deerlick Creek, the Don Valley, and a third (apparently nameless) valley that acts as the park’s northern border. This last one is small and inviting; a good one for kids to explore. Some wonderful and industrious person has even cut a few tree stumps into chairs along the path.

When seen on a map, the valleys make the neighbourhood look a bit like a peninsula, and it’s a quiet place that doesn’t get much through traffic. However, the two larger valleys aren’t all that close or accessible; the Don Valley, just to the west, is occupied by a private golf course, and the Deerlick Creek ravine, while beautiful, is a bit of a walk away on the other side of the DVP.

To go along with its three valleys, there are in fact three separate playgrounds here, but only one is reliably available. The first belongs to the public school and is, of course, only usable outside of school hours. It’s not bad, but severely showing its age, with parts of it noticeably missing equipment. There is also a fenced playground at the near end of the school that may be reserved for an in-house daycare; on our visit, the fence was locked, although that didn’t stop a group of hoodied adolescents from going in and hanging out while giggling nervously.

The main park sits between the school and the tennis courts (private, unfortunately). This playground is also old, but has some nice features. The centrepiece is a big Berliner climber. Scattered around it are a couple of old pieces, including some old but functional swings, and a nice little sand station that younger ones with a penchant for digging will definitely like. My kids spent a good half hour turning the sand play area into a “restaurant” and getting wonderfully filthy.

So from a practical standpoint, it’s more like 1.5 valleys at best. But still a nice picnic spot if you’re close by.

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