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Sprucecourt Public School

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Surfaces: sand, rubber.

Because it is such a wide-open space in a neighbourhood of densely-packed Victorian homes, the playground at Sprucecourt Public School feels like its own little world, hidden away from the bustling downtown core just to the west. Adding to this is the way the running track and sports field are a few meters below street level, by way of a concrete slope that just begs to be used as a ramp for adventurous little bikers.

The main climbing structure is by Henderson, although sadly not a classic wooden one, with enough elements to keep a kid busy for a while.

The highlight for our son was a bizarre piece of equipment, not by Henderson but a company called “Xccent,” which feels more like the name of an energy drink or 90s dance music festival. It was part bench, part teeter-totter, part climbing element.

It was different, fun, and just a bit dangerous. I was happy to see such an unusual thing in a school playground, where risk is often minimized as much as possible.

The Kindergarten playground is a bit better shaded, but not overly exciting. If you’re looking for a full morning of play, combine this with the lovely Wellesley Park, which has better tree cover and a splash pad.

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