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Sackville Playground

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Equipment by Earthscape, Dynamo.

Surfaces: Rubber, wood chips.

Overhauled in 2018, Sackville is part of a cluster of playgrounds in the area that makes the southeastern corner of downtown one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods for outdoor play.

In an area slightly smaller than High Park, you'll find at least seven playgrounds worth visiting: St. James Park, Crombie Park west and east, Sackville, Bright Street, Underpass Park and Corktown Common. Theoretically, a family of playground enthusiasts could hit up all seven without walking more than 2km. But you'd have to be a true playground nerd to do that. And you're not a playground nerd, are you? Are you?

The equipment at Sackville is (mostly) by Earthscape, with elements similar to their landmark playground at St. James Park, which is just a bit further west along King Street. The climbing structures here are slightly smaller than at St. James, but the splash pad (complete with a cascading water play feature) makes up for it.

There’s also a saucer swing and spinning rope pyramid by Dynamo, which should provide enough G-Forces to satisfy your thrill-seeking kiddies.

Large trees provide ample shade for picnickers, and being fenced in provides peace of mind. The setting has its drawbacks in terms of noise – the Adelaide overpass borders the park to the north, and an auto mechanic to the south – but if you’re not willing to put up with a little noise, you probably shouldn’t take your kids to a downtown playground. Or have kids in the first place.

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1 Comment

All Tehthingz
All Tehthingz
Jan 07, 2021

Eh, I think an 83 is a lowball score for this park if you have kids who love good variety in equipment because it has three really unique features. The first is a little forest of about a dozen 8-10 foot wooden poles sticking out of the ground. These don't appear to be good for anything until you realize it makes a game a tag into this crazy parkour-ish dodging and deeking exercise that gets the heart rate up like crazy! The second is a set of three elevated balancing wires (ropes) that get you up into the wooden tower if you complete all three. The third resembles a big jumble of beached logs you can climb over, but they'r…

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