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Roundhouse Park

Updated: May 20, 2021

Equipment by GameTime.

Surface: wood chips.

In the heart of perhaps the busiest tourist area in the city, it’s kind of a shame that the playground at Roundhouse Park doesn’t have more to offer. It’s in such a great spot – perfect for families who need to let their kids run around a bit during a sight-seeing intermission – that it wouldn’t have been difficult for this one to score 85 or higher.

Unfortunately, it’s just a bit too short on equipment, just a bit too unshaded, just a bit too weak on its theming, to capitalize on its prime location.

Two small climbers (one of which looks vaguely like a steam train) is all this playground really has to offer, apart from an opportunity for a family selfie with the CN Tower in the background. The playground feels like an afterthought, which is a shame, because Roundhouse Park itself is a must-visit if your kids are train-crazy.

Roundhouse Park takes its name from the Steam Whistle Roundhouse, once the hub of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Toronto railyard, and now home to the Steam Whistle Brewery. Every hour the Steam Whistle on top of the brewery toots away, much to the delight of my son.

Also housed in the Roundhouse is the Toronto Railway Museum, and the Rec Room, an arcade/restaurant that older kids could spend a whole afternoon (and a whole month’s allowance) enjoying.

The area outside the Roundhouse is littered with old train cars, engines, cabooses…it is absolute heaven for a train-loving tot. Add to this the miniature train that offers rides for a small fee during the summer, and your little one will have an adventure to remember.

And that’s not to mention everything else within a stone’s throw: the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Union Station, Ripley’s Aquarium…it’s no wonder the area is so packed. It’s a shame that the playground doesn’t compete with the other attractions in the immediate vicinity, but it’s still nice to have a place to sit down while your kids run around pretending to be trains themselves.

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