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Ben Nobleman Park

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Surfaces: wood chips, sand.

This is a nice medium-sized playground just across from Eglinton West station, and not far from the Belt Line trail, which is probably the city’s most beautiful walking/biking/pushing a stroller trail. It’s also not too far from Cedarvale Park, whose playgrounds we have yet to explore as of this writing.

I’m not sure who Ben Nobleman is or was, and the internet couldn’t tell me much. But whoever he was, I hope he was a fan of fruit trees, because the park that bears his name also contains a “community orchard” which features a variety of fruit trees, and which is lovingly maintained by a group of dedicated people who look like the cast of Friends if it were set in a commune for retirees.

My son and I came here a couple of times one summer, as a starting point for a Belt Line bike ride, and I was surprised by how underused it appeared to be. Perhaps the ongoing (everlasting?) construction of the Eglinton Crosstown is to blame.

With two decent climbers for younger and older kids, and a pretty good stock of shared toys (when we went, these included a couple of Little Tikes playhouses and enough kitchen play sets to re-enact Ratatouille) this is one of the nicer play spots along Eglinton West.

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