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Moorevale Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Surfaces: sand.

Moorevale is another playground which, like Hillcrest or Joseph Burr Tyrell, is sadly overdue for a rejuvenation.

The equipment isn’t exactly falling apart, but certain elements look like they belong in a playground museum rather than a functioning playground. There’s one climber here – it looks a bit like a Christmas tree made of bathroom drain pipes – that’s got to be 50 years old.

Another rarely-seen piece is a big roller that kids can run on, which always reminds me of that weird old Japanese game show where people tried to get through ridiculously dangerous obstacle courses without dying.

The park is nice enough, with a tennis club, lots of green space, and a washroom (although I’ll admit that on our visit I couldn’t find the washroom…but since my son decided to pee against a tree while I was looking for a washroom, it was a moot point anyway). There are usually a few shared toys in the sandbox (again: the logic of a sandbox within an area already covered in sand just makes my brain hurt) and some nice old trees to provide shade…but at this point, I feel like I’m reaching a bit to find positives.

Better playgrounds can be found not too far away, and nearby Moore Park Ravine is a better option for adventure. Until the city gets around to replacing the equipment, this one is easily missable.

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