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Livingstone Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Equipment by GameTime.

Surfaces: Sand, rubber, grass.

This is another one of those east-end playgrounds that is objectively unimpressive, but I kinda like it anyway. It’s on a quiet street. It’s got charm. It’s well-loved by the neighbourhood.

Another thing it’s got is a ridiculous number of swings for a playground of its size. There are fourteen of them, and I’ve never seen more than a dozen kids in the whole place at one time. They also really love those spinning tic-tac-toe things; I’ve never seen a playground with more than one, but Livingstone has four. Maybe there was a sale on swings and tic-tac-toe installations when they were building. Who knows?

There’s usually a nice quantity of shared toys, most of which work, and a fun little hill in the middle down which kids can send trucks or smaller siblings rolling with much delight. The wading pool has been given a modest upgrade so that its surface is rubber rather than cement, although I’m not sure what the benefit of that might be, other than aesthetics.

On one visit, I was pushing my daughter in one of the many, many swings, and I looked over to see a menacing-looking German Shepherd glaring at us from the other side of a fence. The south side of the park faces the backyards of the houses on the next street, and this dog clearly enjoyed putting the fear of god into parents. Standing with the dog was a sketchy dude smoking a cigarette. I took a moment to enjoy the irony that they were standing within feet of the ‘no dogs’ and ‘no smoking’ signs posted on my side of the fence, before taking my daughter out of the swing and hiding her behind a huge game of tic-tac-toe.

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