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Leaside Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

More Photos.

City of Toronto site.

Equipment by Blue Imp.

Surface: sand.

A good playground for kids who like to climb; lots of different climbing elements here that my son enjoyed on our visit.

The surrounding park has a lot going on – in the summer, you’re likely to see a little league baseball game happening at the diamond, or soccer on the field, or people enjoying the pool. And if your kid tires of the equipment, you can always walk just a bit further east to the playground bonanza that is RV Burgess and Thorncliffe Park Public School.

If the surface here was changed to wood chips, I would immediately raise this playground’s score to at least an 80. But alas, Toronto Parks and Recreation is determined to slowly fill my shoes, my house, and my children’s every crevice with sand from various parts of the city.

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