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L'Amoreaux Park (Kidstown Water Park)

Updated: May 14, 2021

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City of Toronto site.

Surfaces: concrete, rubber, sand.

It’s tempting to take your kids to a water park like Great Wolf Lodge before they’re ready. If your kids are still young enough to be impressed by things that are free, take advantage of that for as long as you can.

L’Amoreaux Park is the proud home of Toronto’s ultimate city-run water park.

Okay, okay, the term “water park” might be reaching a little, but this is a great spot for free summer water play. Parking, plenty of green space, a big hill perfect for rolling down…and a traditional, if not exceptional, playground to boot.

When we took my son there, he didn’t know what hit him. And I mean that in the most literal sense: he was unaware that as he climbed the main structure, there was a bucket right above his head that was slowly filling with frigid water, and was about to soak him.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if I didn’t notice either, or if I noticed but just wanted to see how things would pan out. In the end, he cried a bit, but on the plus side, the tears were washed away pretty quickly.

On a hot day, I could see spending hours here. The only reasons this place doesn’t score higher is that a) the playground itself is fine, but not outstanding, b) it’s a bit of a hike for most Torontonians, and c) the water park section is only open June to September. Oh, and also I hate sand.

Bring a picnic, bring a change of clothes, and let your kids run free in this summertime gem.

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