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Hillcrest Park

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

2023 update: this playground has been rejuvenated! New review here.

Equipment by Belair Recreational (defunct)

Surfaces: sand, concrete, grass.

Given the affluence of the immediate area, I was expecting more from this playground. The park has plenty of amenities – tennis courts, basketball courts, a great view of the city – but the equipment is old and uninspired. Chances are good that some wealthy local parents will soon band together to pressure the city into improving the equipment.

It’s kind of surprising that this section of the city doesn’t have a ‘flagship’ playground, in the way that the west end has High Park, Rosedale has Ramsden Park, and the Beaches have Kew Gardens. This would seem to be the perfect spot for a really awesome place for kids to play.

So if you live in the Hillcrest area, get the petition going. And if you can’t get the city to pay for a complete overhaul, at least get them to trade in the sand for some wood chips. I’ll sign that petition any day of the week.

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