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Margaret Fairley Park

Updated: May 14, 2021

Surfaces: grass, concrete, wood chips, sand.

Equipment by Bienenstock.

Have you ever eaten food that was described as “artisanal”?

When you saw it on the menu, you were intrigued, because it sounded really good. It had ingredients with really fancy names, everything was locally and ethically sourced, and it was healthy. No-brainer, right?

But then it arrived, and it was a bit smaller than expected. And, considering the small size, more expensive than expected.

Well, I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as an Artisanal Playground, but if there is, Margaret Fairley Park is it.

It’s good. You’ll enjoy it. But it’s small, there’s not that much equipment even by small park standards, and apparently the 2016 rejuvenation went over-budget. The money that went towards a few items from that rejuvenation, like the giant wooden armchairs and over-sized permanent picnic table, might have been better used on washrooms or a decent slide.

But I’m not complaining too much; I love little parks in quiet neighbourhoods, and this one only falls a little short of “hidden gem” status. The rope climber is nice, the sandbox is stocked with shared toys, and the wading pool is cute. When we visited, we spent some time here before biking a bit further down Ulster Street to check out Healey Willan Park. Together, the two make for a nice summer’s afternoon.

Just don’t forget to bring your hand-squeezed juice and gluten-free vegan muffins; they will taste better when consumed on a giant picnic table made from sustainably-sourced old-growth mineral-rich free-range trees. Or something.

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