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Elm Park (North York)

Equipment by Landscape Structures.

Surface: rubber.

In keeping with last week’s theme of confusingly named parks, this weekend we decided to pay a visit to Elm Park.

No no no, not the Elm Park we visited two years ago. That one was in the former borough of York. This one is in North York.

No no no, not “The Elms Park” – that’s in Etobicoke. We haven't been to that one yet. This one is just 400 metres south of York Region. And 400 metres west of York University.

Is that clear? Okay, let’s continue.

Elm Park (North York edition) has a lot going for it. The playground is reasonably new, and it’s got a nice collection of Landscape Structure equipment, including a few of our favourites, like their Skyport Climber, which has always felt to me like a great combination of height and safety. There’s also a saucer swing, a four-person spinner, and an extensive junior play structure.

The splash pad is basic but fun, and sits near a small gazebo with plenty of seating. And if your kids get tired of the playground, there’s plenty more equipment nearby, as the park is sandwiched by two different schools.

Beyond the playground, there’s plenty more to recommend this spot. Directly beneath a Pearson flight path, plane-crazy kids will enjoy watching jets pass over every couple of minutes, some low enough that you can watch their landing gear emerge. The park has so much grassy space that someone could practise their golf game here. In fact, someone was; we spotted a solitary golfer in the middle of one of the fields, working on his chip shots and approaches.

We played here for quite a while before enjoying a picnic beneath the shade of several beautiful and very climbable trees.

And in case you were wondering, no no no, they are not elm trees. Why would they be?

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