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Ellesmere Park

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

THIS PLAYGROUND HAS BEEN REJUVENATED! New review will be posted soon.

In a lot of ways, Ellesmere Park is Scarborough’s answer to Cummer Park, which we also visited recently. There’s a community centre, a skatepark, and playground equipment that is just about due for replacement.

The main difference is that Ellesmere doesn’t feel quite so sad and dilapidated.

The equipment is by Henderson, but it’s not one of their wooden structures, which tend to age better than their metal ones. Still, everything’s in working order, and the row of trees directly to the south of the climbers makes for some good shade. They’re so close, in fact, that a vigorous push on the swings will get your child up close and very personal with the foliage.

Across the parking lot (ample parking) is the Ellesmere Skatepark, which is a truly excellent park for kids. Gentle slopes, lots of space, and just enough challenge for beginner-intermediate skaters and scooters. There were at least a dozen kids aged ten and under when we were there, and it didn’t feel crowded.

There’s also a nice big open field for ball play, a basketball court, and if you’re lucky your train-crazy child might just get to see a freight train rumbling past. Plus, there's a Costco across the street, just in case you need 18 pounds of butter or something.

Playground enthusiasts can take a pass, but for families who love skateparks, this is a must-visit.

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