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Eastdale Playground

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Equipment by Belair Recreational (defunct)

Surfaces: sand, grass.

Even though this tiny playground is nothing special, and even though there are at least three better ones within 500 metres of it, I kind of like Eastdale.

It’s cute, and surprisingly peaceful given its proximity to Broadview. I’ve always had a soft spot for the street along its southern edge, Allen Avenue, where my wife and I almost bought a house years ago. It’s a narrow street of pretty Victorian houses, and I had started to imagine our idyllic life on the street, until we got outbid by several hundred thousand dollars.

Anyway, it’s a serene little spot, best for younger kids, as the equipment isn’t very challenging. There are usually plenty of shared toys as well, including (on our last visit at least) several of those Little Tikes push cards that kids can push along with their feet, Flinstones style.

Speaking of those little push cars, we witnessed a really weird family situation the last time we were here. The dad, and someone who may have been mom but was way younger, and whom the kids called by her first name, were pushing the kids around in the push cars with absolutely maniacal enthusiasm. No joke; they were full-on sprinting, and deliberately crashing the kids into each other.

I don’t consider myself a bubble-wrap parent, but it really seemed like these people were trying to injure the kids. Which, of course, they did. Within 5 minutes of their psychotic demolition derby, both kids were crying. The parents comforted them in a way that I can only describe as token, before plopping them back into the vehicles and starting the whole thing up again. It was weird.

So I guess what I’m saying is: as long as there are no carnage-loving families present, this is a lovely, quiet, nicely-shaded little retreat, despite its low score.

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