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Davisville Junior / Spectrum Public School

Equipment by Miracle, Little Tikes.

Surface: wood chips.

This school stands less than 500 metres from two of the city’s best playgrounds at Oriole Park and June Rowlands, but when those two spots get super busy on sunny weekends this might be a good (and much less crowded) alternative. The equipment is colourful and new (2022) and includes a few items that you won’t see every day.

The first rarity is something Miracle Recreation calls the “Tapered Tower.” This 10-foot structure offers several different paths to the top, with a bell at the top. I imagine kids at the school are constantly having vertical races up to that bell…and that the teachers at the school are just about sick of hearing that same bell.

Another interesting piece is a wooden structure, low to the ground and tunnel-like although the wooden slats mean that it isn’t fully closed. It makes a perfect setting for imagination games. It could be a base, a fort, a barn, anything. There are also climbing holds around the outside, making it clear this thing is meant to be played on as well as in.

The main climber provides all the standard challenges, and the double-rainbow slide is a pretty touch. No swings of course (school playgrounds rarely have them) but a couple of play panels and a nice rope climber make this a playground with plenty of options.

The schoolyard has most of what you’d expect in terms of additional play possibilities. Basketball nets, an artificial turf field (but no soccer nets) and a sandbox…which I’m pretty sure is actually a long-jump pit, but hey, it’ll work.

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