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Cedar Brook Park

Equipment by Henderson.

Surfaces: sand, wood chips.

Cedar Brook Park sits in a lovely ravine that is part of the Highland Creek system, which includes some of our favourite Scarborough playgrounds: Knob Hill, Thomson Memorial, and McCowan Park.

And although Cedar Brook’s playground doesn’t really live up to those three, the valley it finds itself in is just as pretty.

The best part about the landscape is the way the path winds back and forth across the creek. If your kid likes pedestrian bridges (and who doesn’t love dropping a leaf in the river one side and being amazed when it emerges on the other side?) this is a good place to go. There are three pedestrian bridges all within a couple of hundred meters of one another right near the playground. The bridges are fairly new too, and in some cases evidence of the previous bridges can still be found beside (or in one case, underneath) the new ones. My son was fascinated when he found, beneath a bridge, the concrete pillars of an old crossing that it seems the City didn’t bother demolishing; they just built the new bridge over it.

But anyway: the playground.

It’s fine. It’s a pretty straight-out-of-the-box Henderson playground, similar to several others we’ve seen recently. It checks most of the important boxes for sliding, swinging, climbing, and balancing…without being overly impressive or memorable. With no sand or water however, the playground is almost less interesting than exploring the valley.

We went at the height of fall, and the kids had a great time piling leaves as high as their belly buttons and then jumping in and insisting that I take slow-mo video of it.

So it’s nice, but not super interesting. It might be fun to take a kid who’s old enough to do a bit of biking and do a tour of this one and the others mentioned at the start of this post, as they’re all within reasonable biking distance of one another, but on its own, it’s pretty run-of-the-mill.

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