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Canon Jackson Park

Equipment by Earthscape, Kompan.

Surfaces: rubber, wood chips.

So new that the neighbourhood it serves is still under construction, Canon Jackson Park is a beauty, and one of our favourite new finds this summer.

We’re big fans of equipment manufacturer Earthscape – a Canadian company that basically builds art you can climb on – and this playground has a wealth of their work. At the park’s west side is a small play house and some rope-and-log equipment that’s close to the ground, perfect for little ones.

As kids get bigger and more confident they’ll be drawn to the park’s other end, where a “log jam” leads to a wonderful three-level tower. The tower is a little world of its own with several details to discover; netting, ladders, climbing holds, even a musical element at its base.

There are a few items by Kompan here as well, including the swings and a colourful spinner that somehow seems to have nearly zero friction. I swear it went around for a full minute after I gave it what I thought was a pretty medium-strength spin. Thumbs up to Kompan for saving those always-sore parental muscles.

Coming up with a “location score” for this one was a bit tricky. The playground is beautifully landscaped, with wildflowers everywhere and gentle hills that hold some of the slides. It’s much more thoughtfully laid out than many other playgrounds its size.

The area around the park is harder to assess. As of our visit (August 2023) there was still a lot of construction happening, so it’s hard to tell exactly how cozy this spot will feel when there’s an actual neighbourhood around it. For now, what it means is that parking is hard to find, and the park just to the south (Woodborough) feels further away than it probably is. It’s not a very transit-rich part of the city and there isn’t much nearby, which kind of hurts the location score too.

With all its equipment, plus a small splash pad and a gazebo for a bit of shade, this is one of the better post-COVID playgrounds to be built in Toronto. Try to get there before the secret gets out!

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