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Cy Townsend Park

Equipment by Henderson, Kompan.

Surface: rubber.

Of Toronto’s six former boroughs, York is the one that I’ve explored the least, so one of my goals this year is to fill that gap in the playground map.

Cy Townsend Park isn’t really a park so much as a creative use of the small bits of land that result from a non-perpendicular intersection, like the one at Vaughan Road and Winona Drive. (Side note: I’ve always kind of loved the way Vaughan Road slices diagonally across its neighbourhood, with a blatant disregard for the grid. You do you, Vaughan Road!)

The small playground, once wooden, has been replaced fairly recently with two colourful Henderson climbers and a saucer swing by Kompan. The rainbow colour scheme really makes the playground stand out as you drive by, and is complimented by the colours painted into a low surrounding wall on the playground’s north-east side, which is an endearing detail.

The equipment isn’t anything spectacular, but again, given the space it does just fine. A few panels, including a cute one with monsters and another with a wildly inaccurate depiction of the solar system, will give kids with an eye for detail something to look for.

One of the park’s more interesting features, at the south end, is a small circular area flanked by three pillars, which is apparently a community totem created by residents of the neighbourhood. There’s a spot to re-fill your water bottle and a few places to sit.

In short, this playground is a bit like the former City of York itself; small but interesting. Can’t wait to explore more of this part of the city.

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